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What Artie Can Do For Your Pet


2 yrs old



"Loki absolutely loves his warm Artie meals. When he hears the timer end, he starts spinning circles with excitement. Easy, warm meals, works perfect for our family and Loki loves it."

Sean E.


3 yrs old



"Artie turned meal time into treat time! We love feeding Buddy warm meals and he really thinks he's eating our food. We no longer have to add anything to his kibble to get him to eat and so happy he enjoys it."

Dani J.


10 yrs old


Great Pyrenees

"We always struggled to feed Ellie just the right amount of kibble and now all that stress is gone. She gets SO excited for every warm meal and feeding her is so much easier."

Simone L.

Grandpa Joe

2 yrs old


Golden Doodle

"We’ve tried putting water in his food, but always got it too hot or too cold. Artie is the perfect temperature and brings out the aroma when I feed my dog – it’s like fine dining! He cleans his bowl every time, gets hydrated while he eats & his poo has been perfect. My kids have also noticed how much softer his fur is too."

Mitch F.


6 yrs old


Labrador Retriever

"Rue absolutely loves this food, which also loves her, and we love the simplicity of the process. One thoughtfully prepared warm meal for breakfast and another for dinner, with a drooling companion sitting right there anxiously awaiting her delicious meal. And, best part, it actually looks like real food – because it is. Love it. Thank you Artie!"

John K.

What's Included

Everything you need to elevate mealtime

Pre-Portioned Meals

Healthy & nutritious shelf stable meals specifically portioned for your dog

Beautiful Appliance

Your choice of color: Teal, Red, White or Black

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How does the Artie appliance work?

Simply fill the water reservoir, insert your pet’s Artie Harvest Bowl, then press the button. The appliance scans the bar code on the bottom of the Harvest Bowl then delivers a precise combination of steam and hot water to lightly cook and prepare your pet's meal. This “blooming” process unlocks the fresh flavors and natural aromas within each ingredient, while creating a mouth-watering broth your pets will love.

Cooking is complete in about 3 minutes and a melody plays telling you (and your pet) that your Artie Harvest Bowl is ready. Simply peel back the lid, gently stir the meal, and transfer it directly into your pet’s bowl to be served.

Warm, home-cooked meals at the press of a button!

How big is the appliance? Will it fit on my counter?

The appliance is roughly the same size as a traditional coffeemaker and will take up approximately the same amount of space. Product dimensions are roughly 10” wide (from left to right), 11.5” deep (from front to back), and 12” high (from top to bottom).

How do I make sure the food is not too hot for my pet?

The Artie appliance scans the bottom of each Harvest Bowl to identify & deliver the right amount of steam and hot water for each perfectly portioned meal. This cooking process ensures that each meal is gently cooked and can be stirred & served at Prey Temperature™ or approximately 100ºF.

What colors does the appliance come in?

The appliance is currently available in 4 colors: teal, black, white and red. We’re always looking for other great colors to add to our assortment. If you have other ideas, provide suggestions at