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Meet Our Chief Health Advisor

Dr. Lindsey Bullen leads our Artie Advisory Team - a group of experienced veterinarians, pet food formulators and industry experts guiding all aspects of Artie nutrition planning, meal plan design and recipe development.

She is one of a handful of Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists® in the US. When working in private practice, she focuses on clinical nutrition application, specifically: critical care, multi-disease state, and assisted feeding.

Meet Millie

Loyal family pet & best friend to 3 kids for many years.

She struggled with nutrition most of her life.

We tried home-cooking for her. It was simply too difficult for our busy family life. We tried fresh/frozen subscriptions. They melted on our doorstep and then took up valuable space in our freezer and fridge.

We looked everywhere for a solution that would work for her and our family. We couldn't find it. So we created one.

Sadly, Millie is no longer with us. But her adopted siblings and many others can now benefit from the work that all started with her. Whole food home-cooked meals at the touch of a button.

Thanks Millie.

Meet The Founders

Creating the most convenient way to cook for pets.

Artie News

The Artie team celebrates after winning the Grand Prize of the 2023 Purina Pet Care Innovation Program in Orlando.